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Which life jacket for dogs?

gilet de sauvetage pour chien

Buying a life jacket for dogs is not difficult. The most important thing to note is that this type of accessory is important even if your pet can swim well. For example, if your pet is in the water for too long, it can get tired. Take the time to choose the right life jacket for dogs to give to your pet to keep him safe.


A life jacket for dogs must be strong and robust. This mainly depends on the material of the model you want to order. Models with a Velcro fastening are not really recommended.

This also applies to life jackets made of thin fabrics. The product may tear easily when your dog swims. Check the strength of the fasteners and the fabric used on the waistcoat you want.


It’s a good idea to check the buoyancy level of the product before you buy it. This can show up in a number of different areas depending on the model you wish to buy. For example, buoyancy may show up in the following areas:

  • The belly area of the animal
  • The back or sides
  • Around the neck

In any case, you need to determine the level of buoyancy of the product you want to buy. A specialist in the field can help you find the right model for your dog’s physique.


Visibility is another criterion to consider when buying a dog life jacket. You should have no trouble spotting your dog when he is swimming with his safety accessory.

You should therefore insist on the colour of the product before you buy it. You can also opt for a model with reflective strips. The most important thing is that you do not lose sight of your pet when it is in the water.

Handles and straps

You should check the number and strength of the handles available on the product. These must allow you to lift the animal out of the water. This means using strong, durable handles to avoid any problems.

Handles should generally be able to support the weight of the animal. You can then lift the animal out of the water safely. Also, do not neglect the quality of the straps that may be present on the product. These should make it easy to adjust the waistcoat.

Size and fit

It is important to find the right size waistcoat for your pet. You can use the online size chart to help you choose. The product should not be too big or too small for your pet.

Your dog should be able to lie or sit and swim comfortably. He should not feel any discomfort when wearing the waistcoat. An adjustable vest will help your dog grow.

Other criteria to check

The following two points should be considered before buying a life jacket for your dog:

  • The weight of the accessory: the animal should not feel too much weight on its body when swimming. He will tire quickly.
  • The length on the back: this criterion is decisive for the positioning of your pet. He should not have any trouble using his hindquarters in the water.

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