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Can you crack a paddle with your back straight?

stand up paddle

You want to learn to ride a stand up paddle? You have to be careful with the handling of your board. After all, it can burst perfectly, contrary to what you might imagine. This will not happen easily even with a cheap stand up paddle. The following points will give you more information.

Lack of or poor maintenance can cause a SUP to burst

It is true that a stand up paddle can be very durable. You should also pay attention to its maintenance. A lack of maintenance can cause the product to burst. You should not forget that the board will be attacked by different elements when you are riding. Care should also be taken when cleaning the equipment. It should not be exposed to the sun while drying.

Sailing conditions should also be taken into account

Make sure that the area in which you plan to ride will not encourage your SUP board to break up. The risk of this happening is higher, especially if you choose an inflatable model. But a solid board can also fail under pressure if you are not careful. In any case, you need to protect your SUP from things that can break it.

This may depend on the material the product is made of

Take the time to find out what material the model you are considering is made of. For example, you may want to consider a fibre model which may have a long life span. It should be noted that cleaning conditions may change depending on the material.

This can also have an impact on the thickness of your paddle board. For an inflatable model, it is made of PVC. This means that it will not break quickly if you maintain it well.

Transport is a consideration

Transport conditions can have an impact on the strength of your paddle. Care should be taken to ensure that the product does not receive too many shocks during transport. You can transport the board on the roof of your car.

You can also store the board in a house to secure its transport. The most important thing is to protect the product against violent shocks.

Storage is also important

The way you store your stand up paddle can also have an impact on its strength. This type of product does not withstand strong exposure to sunlight. It can easily shatter. You also have to be careful with moisture that can attack your board. Make sure the product is completely dry before storing it. This will guarantee its life span.

The case of an inflatable model in particular

Be careful with the inflation level of your stand up paddle. If you inflate it too much, it may burst more easily. This does not mean that you will under-inflate your board before using it. In any case, it is advisable to check the condition of your board before and after each inflation.

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