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Are paddle boards still inflatable?

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Both a sport and an entertainment, stand up paddling would be more attractive with an inflatable paddle board. The choice of an inflatable paddle stand should not be taken lightly whether you are an amateur or a professional. An inflatable paddle or a rigid paddle are all good equipment. But, are stand up paddle boards always inflatable?

Non-inflatable stand up paddle board

Rigid board

Unlike the inflatable paddle, the so-called rigid board is made of wood or another lighter material. This is because the board is smooth and buoyant. By the way, not all stand up boards are inflatable, but they are almost uniform to cope with the water current and less intense waves.

Standard size

Like all other water sports, the inflatable or rigid stand up paddle has different dimensions. In general, the length varies between 9 feet and 12 feet, the width is between 30” to 40” or about 76 to 80 cm, and the thickness is 10 cm or 15 cm. This allows paddlers to ride in the sea or river, surf or race safely.

Inflatable stand up board

How to inflate it?

Unlike the rigid board, the inflatable stand up board is unsinkable thanks to the air introduced into it with a manual or electric pump. This means that it can be deflated after use. Its thickness and length are identical to those of the rigid stand up board after inflation. Thanks to its lightness, this inflatable paddle is ideal for beginners and children.

Other accessories

As far as accessories are concerned, a SUP stand up paddle is always equipped with paddles in different forms, an electric inflator or a manual pump. For added safety, it is equipped with a leash paddle that allows the leg to be tied to the supboard.

How to store a rigid stand up paddle?

The accessories that come with an inflatable or rigid paddle vary according to the designer and the model. Before or after use, they can be transported and stored in a number of ways: by a fixed stand or by a hook on the wall. The following are examples of different types of racks:

  • Garage paddle stand
  • Wall mounted paddle stand
  • Wooden stand
  • Metal stand
  • Ceiling paddle stand
  • Car paddle stand

How to transport your inflatable paddle?

This Stand Up Paddle equipment solves the storage and transport problems experienced when using a rigid paddle board. This inflatable paddle can be easily transported in a travel or transport bag. After deflating, it takes up little space with your paddle and pump in this special bag. This way, it is easy to carry it on your shoulders or to store it in your car boot.

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