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Where to stand on a paddle?


Paddling is one of the most popular water sports activities that requires a lot of balance. For this, the right position on paddle is essential. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is useful to adopt the best condition. And even if you want to compete or ride or even do yogas. But then, where would be the ideal position? How do you position yourself on a paddle?

The ideal position on a paddle

Positioning yourself well is an essential step in making paddling easier. However, finding the ideal position is also another thing to master if you want to keep your balance. Therefore, to paddle a paddle better, whether it is rigid or inflatable, you need to ensure that you are well positioned.

The ideal position is in the middle of the board’s length, in line with your body and feet. This position provides balance on the board as well as total control of the board.

How do you position yourself on the paddle?

Once you have found the ideal position to stand on, you need to know how to stand on the paddle. Whether you are a beginner, a child, a paddle yoga practitioner or even a professional, the position on the paddle is very important.

  • Standing position
  • Sitting or kneeling position

Standing position

Generally speaking, the paddler stands upright with his or her paddle. In this way, you should place your feet perpendicular to the axis of the board. If you still feel instability, spread your feet a little. You can bend your knees a little to stabilize your legs and bring balance.

As for your body, carefully keep your back straight. This is especially true for people who are new to water sports, as keeping your back straight can be difficult. Also, it is very advisable for sometimes rough waters or long distances.

Sitting or kneeling

On the other hand, some people kneel down to gain more stability. Therefore, place your paddle in front and perpendicular to the board to be well balanced. The body should also be in a good position so that you can paddle quietly as in the standing position.

Keep your body aligned with the board. Kneeling is much easier to keep stable than standing up. For beginners, it is best to choose this position to get a better feel for the paddle. Once you are sure of your position, start paddling with confidence.

Practise your position effectively

Especially for beginners, it is necessary to do some practice sessions out of the water before you start. Mastering the correct paddle position is a necessity no matter what paddling activity you choose. So whether you want to go running, yoga, or hiking, it would be helpful to have a good position on a paddle.

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