Yoga Paddle

Yoga Paddle: quels avantages ?

yoga paddle

Indeed, it is quite possible to combine paddling and yoga. This activity is called yoga paddle. As the name suggests, it is a yoga class done on a stand-up paddle and on the water. It is a sport activity that is quite complete. It is also a sport that is beneficial. To find out more about the highlights of paddle yoga, follow these lines.

To improve your concentration

In order to stay in the right posture without falling in the water, you need to focus. To do this, you simply need to let go of everything that is bothering you and focus on yourself. Know that when you are on the paddle, you are floating. This is not the same as with traditional yoga. It requires a presence of the moment. If you need to work on your focus, you should definitely try this sport. Paddle yoga is much more difficult than traditional yoga. It is an activity that requires a certain amount of balance. Need to improve your mind’s focus? Consider sup yoga

To work your muscles

Opting for this sport also helps you to work all the muscles in your body, especially the deep ones. Indeed, the search for balance on an unstable support makes your muscles work such as:

  • Your abdominal muscles
  • Your back muscles
  • The muscles in your knees, hips and ankles

Need to slim down your figure or get a dream body? Paddle yoga is for you. And if you think you have a problem with your blood circulation, this activity can help you boost it.

Reconnect with nature

Paddle yoga is an outdoor activity. It can be practised at sea, on a lake or river. Through this sport, you will have the chance to reconnect with the natural element while detaching yourself from the constant aggression of the outside world. An outdoor activity offers you an opportunity to enjoy the murmur of the water or the caress of the wind and sun. Sup yoga also offers you an opportunity to breathe fresh air while developing your breathing skills. Thanks to the sun, you can replenish your vitamin D. You can definitely get back to your roots with this activity. It is also the best way to improve your sleep.

To push your limits

You have mastered your classical yoga routines? Why not push your limits with paddle yoga? It is becoming increasingly difficult to reproduce these movements on a sup. Practising classical yoga and sup yoga does not give you the same sensations. Changing your practice setting is considered a new challenge. If you want to improve your performance, we advise you to consider this outdoor activity.

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