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What should a woman wear when paddling?

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Many women are currently paddling, but it is essential to wear a paddle suit. It is a specially designed outfit for easy paddling as well as for protection. What to wear for SUP? A wide range of women’s wetsuits of different brands and models are available in specialist water sports shops.

Why wear a wetsuit?

To be comfortable, to protect yourself and to succeed in your nautical activities, you need to wear a wetsuit and a comfortable outfit. There are several models for women that are adapted to each season: summer or winter. These women’s wetsuits come in different brands, sizes, types of fasteners and temperatures of use. For example, for 16°C to 20°C – 3/2 mm, for 12°C to 17°C – 4/3 mm and for 10°C to 15°C – 5/4 mm.

Different types of wetsuits for women

Full wetsuit or shorty?

The choice of wetsuit fabric is essential but neoprene wetsuits are the most popular because they are flexible and resistant. Not to mention that they dry more quickly. Examples are shorty or short suits, womens wetsuits 4/3 or 5/4, womens wetsuits cold water, womens wetsuits neoprene.

What are the best women’s wetsuits for SUP?

Among the many brands of wetsuits, the Aztron brand stands out for its comfortable nylon fabric. However, you can opt for other brands like Madness, Billabong, Hiko, Rip Curl. Here are a few models of women’s SUP outfits:

  • Aztron Waikiki Women’s Bodysuit : Anti-irritation bodysuit, Spandex fabric, YKK zipper in the back, UV protection
  • Shorty woman MDNS Pioneer 2/2 Back zip: Shorty suit, Flat seams, Thickness 2/2mm, Back zip, Superstretch on arms, back and crotch, Temperature + 19°C.
  • MDNS Pioneer 3/2 Back zip wetsuit : Full wetsuit – Flat seams, 3/2mm thick, Back zip, Superstretch on arms, back and crotch, Temperature 16°C – 20°C.

Characteristics of women’s SUP suits

Women’s SUP Suit for summer

If you are planning to go Stand Up Paddling in summer, the shorty and bodysuit are the most suitable, as they can be worn in water between 18°C and 20°C. These types of paddle suits can protect you from the wind and in case you fall into the water. However, if you want to paddle like a professional paddler, a full neoprene suit will be the most suitable to avoid thermal shock. However, it is advisable to get wet regularly.

Women’s winter SUP wetsuit

On the other hand, if you are paddling in winter, a wetsuit that can protect against the cold without creating discomfort should be worn. You will need to be well equipped to have a better adventure. So, it would be best to opt for a wetsuit, gloves, booties, bonnet and boots.

Good to know

To have a great experience with this sport, it is important to be equipped with a wetsuit or a leash paddle. For women, a well-fitted SUP suit will ensure that you are protected against thermal shock in the event of a fall, temperature rise or hypothermia and even against unexpected blows. In addition, it helps you to achieve a high level of comfort depending on your physical profile and discipline.

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