What is the best inflatable canoe kayak?

canoe kayak

Especially for water sports, but also for a simple camping or a trip in lakes, rivers and even the ocean, the inflatable canoe-kayak is the best water transport to choose. Moreover, to have a pleasant summer it is very useful to opt for quality equipment. However, in order to ensure a stable, comfortable and safe boat, it is very important to choose the best one.

The different quality brands

Do you want an inflatable kayak that meets your requirements and is affordable? We invite you to surf the web and select the best in quality brands such as: Rockside, RTM, Zray, Gumotex, Advanced Elements, Aquaglide and Sevylor. You will also discover several tool packs and materials for your boats. They design several inflatable or rigid canoes that are strong, comfortable, stable, durable, safe and each with their own specific strengths that make them different.

Inflatable canoes, unlike rigid canoe, are lighter and easier to carry. They are easy to handle thanks to materials such as Rockside’s removable PVC and nylon, Advanced Elements’ high pressure drop stitch bottom and aluminium bows. RTM, RPI and Pelican offer sit-on-top and decked rigid sea kayaks. Aquaglide offers whitewater and river canoes.

Choosing the best inflatable canoe for each use

To choose between these brands, it is essential to ask yourself what your needs are, but in any case, the choice depends on your use. For inflatable canoes, the Gumotex and Sevylor brands are the best known. Gumotex with its two inventions Gumotex Twist 2 and Gumotex Solar.

Let’s see them one by one:

  • The Gumotex Twist 2 is an invention that follows the technology on a high level. It is made of a very strong PES fabric with a synthetic rubber layer on the outside and a natural rubber layer on the inside. All of this makes it resistant to various types of wear and tear, ageing and UV radiation. Even better, it is a two-seater with a removable 4-part paddle and other necessary equipment such as comfortable seats and footrests.
  • The Sevylor: 2-seaters like the Sevylor Colorado; 3-seaters and top sellers like Hudson and Alameda, the top range Sevylor Ottawa. They are all easy to use, attractive with modern styles, cheaper, but quality. Very practical for a light and unforgettable ride with siblings, friends or on a romantic expedition for two on sunny days. They are especially recommended for beginners who want to get off to a good start with their kayak. Get your first experiences with Sevylor

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