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How do you call people who paddle?

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Sup paddling is an outdoor activity that continues to appeal to a wide range of people. To do this sport, you will need either an inflatable or a rigid paddle. In recent times, the inflatable model has become increasingly popular. In this article we will try to find out more about this sport. Especially about the people who practice paddling.

People who paddle

There are many names given to people who practice sup paddle. While many people call them “paddlers”, there are other names as well. The name is chosen according to the positioning of the user’s feet. The name is chosen according to the positioning of the user’s feet, i.e. whether the person is right- or left-handed. If the user tends to place his left leg in front, he is called a regular paddler.

If the user places his right leg in front, he is a goofy paddler. Thanks to this position, he can rely on his left leg to push or not to lose his balance. Users who are able to alternate between right and left foot placement are called oversize paddlers. However, it is important to know that the position of the feet is not that important. To simplify your life, you can call a paddle user, paddler or rider.

What is an inflatable sup?

The inflatable sup paddle or Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is a kind of board. As the name suggests, it is a piece of equipment that needs to be inflated with a sup pump. This is what differentiates it from other models such as rigid paddles. The latter are sometimes made from solid wood. However, rest assured that this equipment offers exceptional performance. This depends on the brand and the thickness of the equipment.

Inflatable paddles are often made from durable plastics, PVC or polyester fabric. This allows it to be lighter than wood. And just like other classic paddles, inflatable models are also available in different types. All you have to do is find the sup paddle model that suits :

  • your use
  • your skill level
  • your body type

The benefits of an inflatable paddle

As mentioned above, a sup paddle is exceptionally light. This is why this equipment is very easy to transport. In fact, all you have to do is deflate it and put it in a bag and you’re done. You can inflate it with a pump if you want to use it again. You can also transport it in the car like a rigid paddle. Compared to conventional paddles, these inflatable models are less expensive. Sup paddling also gives you an opportunity to work all the muscles in your body. And if you need to recharge your batteries or go for a ride on the sea or river, this is the activity for you.

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