Which fin for snorkelling?


Choosing the right equipment for your marine adventure is very important. Each type of diving and activity has its own distinct equipment and functions.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is free diving or snorkeling. This type of activity is for everyone as it does not require much technique or a trained person. Moreover, a very good swimmer or amateur, this activity is not difficult and really fun. It is often practiced during the summer months, which attracts more people, and in this season the water is warm or temperate. For travellers, it is an activity not to be missed for a unique experience at sea. In addition, it is a kind of leisure activity that some people practice for a marine adventure while staying not far from the surface. Snorkeling is a good start for those who want to go on an underwater expedition.

What are fins?

A fin is a piece of equipment that is useful for a snorkeler. It is a kind of fin-shaped shoe for the diver. Also known as foot fins, they are often the best choice for the diver.

Slipper Fins

Slipper fins are the most popular snorkelling fins because they are comfortable for the user if they are adapted to the size of the feet. This type of fin is very practical because you only have to put your feet in the foot pocket without using diving shoes. But you can also put them on with socks or even socks to prevent your feet from getting cold. Not only that, but they are not very expensive compared to adjustable fins.

There are many advantages of sock fins such as

  • Easy and convenient
  • Lightweight

Footed fins are easy to use because unlike adjustable fins, they are simply put on without adjustment. In fact, no protocol is required to put them on and take them off without difficulty. As for its lightness, they will not be a big burden on your belongings, they will be easy to carry. For diving with a drysuit, you can put it on without any problem. So you can swim freely and enjoy your dive.

The disadvantages of the shoe fins

  • Not comfortable in cold water
  • Designed only for diving in tropical waters

Slipper fins cannot be used in cold water because snorkelers risk getting cold feet.

In fact, they are designed specifically for diving in warm waters, or more precisely in tropical waters, because they are very small for a foot and can cause a cut to the foot.

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